KE7H3R (Keh-Ther), a Los Angeles based, gender neutral and ethical clothing brand launches its direct to customer, limited run, made in the USA business model and sends waves through the inter web, amplifying and aggrandizing the slow fashion revolution.

KE7H3R is born into its digital space, with Season I, on August 16th 2016.


 Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat, KE7H3R's Designer and CEO explains the beginnings and the inspiration behind being ethical and gender neutral. "KE7H3R is a name I learned about in my study of the hermetic qabbalah. It appealed to be because it represents the individuals alignment with the Universe in the divine source of all creation". The brands motto "- IS +" springs from a minimalist attitude that sets to challenge the norm in a fervently consumerist society by allowing the consumer to dramatically pair down their wardrobe with a few well made favorite pieces.

We are gender neutral because the time for unification as a "human class" is necessary as opposed to segregating labels defining who we are by gender, or even color and creed. Everyone has the right to be comfortable and feel beautiful.

We consider it our responsibility to be a slow fashion, sustainable company, both globally and locally ethically sourced and made in the USA. Our clothes are produced in limited quantity so each garment can be carefully hand crafted and quality assured.

"Working in fashion for 15 years, I got sick of hearing 'this is fashion, we're not saving lives'. So I decided to join the ranks of other great brands giving back to our global community. KE7H3R partners with waterislife.com to donate one water filtration straw for every unit of clothing sold. This provides children around the world who live without a clean water supply, with a means to clean water for up to two years.

For this, Season I, each style is made of hand dyed vegan silk aka tencel or 100% cotton japanese ikat. Each style was made in a limited run, produced in Los Angeles Ca. 

Love yourself and your clothes longer